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My Master Key Experience

April 14, 2016
by Marj Bernstrom

Week 2 of the Continuation…


Triathalons…One leg of the race- swimming, one biking, one running.

The Master Keys Experience.

The first part- swimming. I would venture to say that a good portion of us felt as if we were actually drowning.  Swallowing what was foreign to ourselves. New ways of thinking, new material, new routines. Total immersion. Gasping. Then at some point, we began treading water, then swimming, then effortlessly moving through the water, then floating. Aaaahhh…

Next part: biking. Well, you have to change it all up then. New equipment, the rush of the wind in your face, the warmth of the sun. It’s in the change-up. Making the transition. Adjusting. Keeping your mind-set. Still in the race. You haven’t drowned. Or been eaten by dragons, sharks, or old blueprints. I feel as if I haven’t been on a bike in a very long time. What I am doing in this leg feels foreign, yet I know it’s not. The Continuation.

For three months we will focus on a specific goal. And then…

The last part is coming… The running. The lifelong pursuit. Figuratively speaking it hasn’t happened. Yet the three parts all make one whole race.  I am so glad I entered…

painting blue (640x500)

So, I just had to paint this on the walls that go from the bedroom to the bath.

March 29, 2016
by Marj Bernstrom

The Week After…

Well, we have “graduated”.  Charles Haanel’s Master Key System. Yet not “finished”. Ever. diploma

The class offered by Mark Januszewski and his fabulous wife, Davene, “The Master Key Experience”,  complete with helpful “guides”, all the exercises, and blogs posted, is an experience I DO wish upon everyone. It is self-discovery at its finest. No one tells you what to think. You discover for yourself things about yourself you long ago forgot.

My Senior quote (the last line) from my High School annual reads: “After every forget, I remember.” AHA!

I find that I am grounded in the exercises, peaceful with the routines, and so…here I am. Meeting the “blog deadline”- only there is no deadline.

There were a few days of a sort of celebratory feeling, then yesterday I was sad. So, being master of these emotions that turn round and round, what was yesterday’s sadness, is todays joy. (from the Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino) It was also part of the routine reading. It has worked its way into my psyche. Thank Goodness.

So, if you happen to stop by, if guided by some mysterious “rabbit trail” and find your way to reading these blogs, and my experience with this class, I do hope you opt in to receive the 7 Days to a New You. The next class begins in September.

Blessings.rabbithole (640x480)

March 24, 2016
by Marj Bernstrom

Week 24 to Commencement

Yin and Yang, voluntary and involuntary, Conscious and unconscious, Choice and randomness. Endings and beginnings.


This week is all of that. Are we ending, or beginning? Things happening this week have been a bit of involuntary (computer crashing) and conscious (awareness of the Laws of Least Effort) occurances.

I am so thankful that I have these tools to help me mentally walk a more balanced line. A more conscious walk. Master of my emotions, or…at least hugely aware of the desire for that!

creating a new reality

creating a new reality


I am appreciative of the sit more now, than before my days of silence. I am able to use Haanel’s part 23, # 19, in shaping my DMP. “…the pattern of that which (I) hope to manifest, …changing, improving its detail from time to time…from the general outline to the finished detail…” this fills me with excitement for the manifestation of something that can help so many people and they won’t even realize how much it’s doing that!

I contemplated for a minute, going back and re-capping each chapter, but then I would be robbing myself of the focus I need to place on this last chapter. I plan on doing the recap after the class is over then.

I learned so many wonderful things in this last week. In the video of the two men, with the same DMP (Definite Major purpose) in life, who didn’t even know one another drawn through their spirit/mind vibrations across the world, to raise awareness for the same cause. That happens more than I am aware of. In more venues.  I loved the Quantum physicist and the electrons evidencing awareness. Omnipresent Intelligence. Onmiscience.

Haanel’s Part 24 #28 also resonated with me. “The minute the spirit leaves the body, we are as nothing. Therefore, spirit is really all there is of us.” I also read a book this week about a woman who died. She recounts her experience meeting the One who is All Truth, and tells her story after she regains consciousness hours later. Fascinating. From what she shares, it also supports #21 about “the mental fact which is responsible for our outer manifestation.”soulleaving

Haanel, in all of part 24 puts great emphasis on “Truth”. Helping us in Training the mind to see/find that truth. The Transparency of character so that it is evident in your conduct, and life.

I want to be…”wise enough to understand, broad enough to weigh the evidence, firm enough to follow their own judgement, and strong enough to make the sacrifice…”


click the pic to read the red print…:)






Thank you Mark, Davene and Staff for putting together such a mentally and spiritually expanding, awakening compilation of information. Thank you for being graceful purveyors of this information. I enjoyed meeting and sharing the journey with such brave and intrepid souls, companion travelers along this road to increased self-awareness,. Mahalo. Blessings.

March 17, 2016
by Marj Bernstrom

Week 23-Spring has sprung, are you wound and ready?

Signs are everywhere of new growth. Spring. We wait, some of us longer than others, for its arrival. Some are still waiting…

I am so happy to live where I do now. Winters are mild, milder than other places I have lived in the past. Spring is such a happy time. Little blooms are bursting from the previously frozen ground. spring (640x521)The trees are budding. The contractors are gearing up for a summer of work, as are the highway repairmen.

Growth. Everywhere I look I see The Master Key Experience embodied in daily life.

Some of the 7 Laws of the Mind embodied by spring: The Law of Substitution: Sunshine for snow. Warmth for the chill of winter. Law of Relaxation: the muscles relax in the warm sun. The seeds relax to start their new beginning.  The Law of Forgiveness: the ground forgiving the state of being frozen for the birthing of new life. The Law of Growth…everywhere.


So we have been training our minds for 23 weeks plus, now, and the path is laid out before us. It is more than just a vague thought now, we have the tools with which to accomplish much.  I have said it before, and will again: I am forever grateful for this class. Mental gymnastics in its truest form, and I feel as if I am in kindergarten. Yay! I can keep going!!

pathSo with the use of the Laws of Least Effort: “accepting each moment as it should be, and transform it into a gift for the greater good” I see change and growth available in all areas of my life.  Then I had a huge chuckle with the last one: “My awareness is established in Defenselessness.

If I am to do this, I am to relinquish the need to defend my point of view.“

What? I should just have this one down pat, -if I am adhering to the “No Opinions” rule of thumb!!

No opinion gives you nothing to feel the need to defend…


Hmmm….a zen moment to be sure. Another way to put it comes from Proverbs 18:2: “Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions.”   Well.    Okay then.


See you next week!

March 10, 2016
by Marj Bernstrom

Week 22a, or 23…Sweet Sounds of Silence.

I am sure someone has written a song with this title…

I had determined as soon as the webinar was over on the 28th, that I was going to dive into the challenge as soon as I could! Dave and I talked and we were in accord. So we woke to Monday morning, with a new agenda. It worked really well for the first two days, then I could sense that I was catching myself hesitating mentally even in Dave’s proximity.  I then determined (good ol’ subby: reminding me what Patty Loofburrow did, thanks Patty!) it was time to really delve into the exercise, and go to a hotel. So I momentarily broke the tecno-fast, and booked a room. With a few hic-ups in the plan I finally had my alone-silence time.

What a joy! It reminded me (sortof) of the time after I lost my husband. I was immediately forced into silence. Around the house, in the car, whatever, no one to talk to except the cats. This was similar, only now by choice! And such a well-received one!

I had my reading to do, but I enjoyed the journaling. I talked to myself a bit…I envisioned working my business. I envisioned allot of things. I had wonderfully long “sits”- and more than one a day! I had no clock in the room! Yay!! I slept when tired, and awoke refreshed.  Overall it was a wonderful experience.

I came home, and we continued the silence for a couple of days…it has changed a few things here too. Perspective. Importance. Dynamics. It’s all good.

I found that at the grocery I was appalled at the volume on the music playing “in the background”. It doesn’t help that this music used to be a generational thing- challenging “the establishment” aka rock and roll, and now it’s elevator “muzak”! So funny!! I feel my soul is even more sensitive to it than before.

I feel a bit like I did when I came to America in the first place. Different than the “locals”, set apart.

Hard to put into words:

gold tree (390x640)


I hope that when you get a chance, you embrace it, and enjoy yourself!!